Thank Link three steps

From Society through Society to Society

1- Buy meal or gift Through Our Store

Through our online store/app, you pay for the meal, gift, cloth, home rent, road trip for seniors, medical fees or any kind of help. No extra fees you are charged, what ever you buy, will be delivered in full amount to the one in need. Start the help now 

2- Thank Linker Deliver your help

Once you pay for the item, Thank Linker will pick up your item, and deliver it to some one in need like children, seniors or people with disability. You will be able to track the delivery from pick up until drop off using our mobile app. 

3- You receive "Thank you" message on video record

Once your help is delivered, Thank Linker will let the recipient know that the gift is from you. They want to say Thank You and You want to see the smile on their face? 

Start The Help By Buying One Of those Home made food

The mobile App

Any Questions?

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