What is Thank Link 

Thank Link is an online platform to help those people in need. Using Thank Link platforms like mobile App and online stores, donors can customize their donation and decide where to send it, then they receive a private video record of the help delivery to see the smile's and impact of their contribution.


It only starts with one click to connect with people in need. Unlike other organizations, Thank Link don't collect cash donations, instead, Thank Link let you decide what to buy and where to send your donation. Starting with few items in our online stores, we still calling more people and households to add their items in our online store. Yes, people working from home will prepare snacks and gifts such as clothes, toys, blankets and more.

So, when you buy a gift from our online store with only $5, you are helping 3 people: The household of low income who is working from home to prepare the gift, the Thank Linker who pick up your gift to deliver it to the one in need,  and also you are helping some one in need of food or blanket like homeless or disable senior.

Best Food for Hungary People:

In our platforms, you will find best and healthy food for homeless and hungry people. Places to donate cooked food for homeless and hungry children. Home kitchens or restaurants that donate food for homeless and hungry people. You can sign up to be one of those restaurants or home kitchens and donate cooked food or snacks or even sell it for our users of donors who can buy it from you. 


Places to donate gently used toys 

Yes, children at schools or hospitals are waiting your support. The smile is the recovery first step. Thus, you can prepare toys or gifts from your home and we will deliver it for those children. You can also find places like toy stores to donate toys by simply buying the toy through our platforms and we will deliver it on your behalf for those children in the streets, hospitals or schools and tell them it is from you.

Who deliver the gifts?

Thank Linker, people with part time who has passion to pick up the gifts and deliver it to those people in need. You can sign up to be Thank Linker any where in the US. 

Thank Link team is volunteers working part time and yet this is not charity organization but it will be registered very soon. 

Our vision: Help is not donation, help is social responsibility.

Our Service

Free delivery for your donation. Video Record the delivery so you can see the impact of your help.

Our Value is Honesty and Integrity.