Login Credentials 

Once you received the email of credential login info from noreply@tm.appmailservice.com

use these info to login at https://vendors.restaurant/food-login

You will see the instructions in the email, check your spam/junk folder. 

Add categories

In the dashboard, you can start adding categories of what you selling like snacks, meals, sandwiches, clothes, gifts, or medical /educational equipment. 

Adding products

Always be creative adding your products and remember those products you are selling to donors and donors are not picky. They looking for products to make people in need happy. Example is basket of gifts for child in hospital. 

When clicked on add product, you will see this page. 

On SKU just add random numbers and we will take care of this because it belongs to us. 

In price, always be reasonable and fair on setting your prices. Thank Link will share 20% of your sales but if you bring in donor to buy your meal, then our share will go down to 10%

In description be very specific of what you selling because donors will see the delivery of your item on video record and they expect that they paid for what is posted in the store. 


Media is where you add picture for your item/meal. 

After done, click save. And we will share your store with donors in our online platforms.