Helping homeless find work..How?

How many of you on the streets of your city have seen a homeless man with a "looking for job" sign and wondered if he was serious? But if we offered him a job, would they really accept it?

Here is the story of what happened in my city when I decided to find out.

We know that work brings dignity. We also know that people are more likely to invest in themselves if they believe their community wants to invest in them. And it makes us all feel better when we give money to those who need it. But there is a crucial knot: if you talk to beggars, many of them will tell you that your money does not necessarily go to feed the body, they go to feed an addiction.

So what to do? I'm the creator of Thank Link. Back in 2015. I was on the way back to work, and I saw a man on the corner of a street. He was holding a sign and the sign said he was looking for a job. I was thinking how to approach this man, is he really looking for job? Let me find out. I stopped by restaurant on the other side of the road, bought $9 meal and offered it to the man. He was very happy and thankful. I asked him since how long he didn't eat? He said he don't remember last time he had to eat good meal. But he goes to the shelter every day for food and sleep but it is crowded and the food is barely fresh. If he was lucky he can have good and calm sleep. No ways he can find job with this dirty clothes.

This man wants job, I believed it.

I made a deal with him, I told him I will rent motel room for him for one month, and deliver food for him every day and give him clean clothes and some cash for public transportation. But he has only one month to find job. Good deal? He was almost crying of happiness.

I knew that deal will cost me around $900. I talked to some of my friends to share the expenses with me.

Then I was thinking, what if I help more people in need. The thing is when I send amount of money to donation centers, I know they have expenses. Barely they can pay their rent and their employees. Even if they are big charity organizations, I really want to see if my donation really helped some one out or made difference.

So I created this Thank Link where people can donate good meal and good place for those people in need. And privately send video record for them to see on video the one receiving their donation in full amount. To see the impact of their help and the hear the story of change they made.

If you help for one day and some one else help for another few days, don't you think that some people in need of few days or weeks to survive and get rid of shelters? Not all homeless are addicted problem. Some of them are just in some hard times.

Please let me know what do you think about my project Thank Link