The case of the dwarfed boy who wanted to commit suicide.

His name is Quaden and he is 9 years old. What happened with this little boy, who has the most common type of dwarfism called achondroplasia, has been truly heartbreaking.

"Give me a rope, I want to kill myself," the boy outlined to his mother through a video that was taken after he left school and quickly went viral on Facebook.

"I just want to stab myself in the heart ... I want someone to kill me , " he added in tears.

The person in charge of making this plea public was his own mother, named Yarraka Bayles , and she did it from anguish and pain so that everyone knows what bullying can do in children.

“I just picked up my son from school, I witnessed an episode of bullying, I called the principal and I want people to know that this is the effect of bullying. This is what intimidation does , says the mother in the video, who acknowledges that she tries to keep distressing moments private, but in this case she felt she should make it public.

“This is the impact that bullying has on a nine-year-old boy who just wants to go to school, receive education and have fun, but something happens every day,” he adds.

“I have good advice, but I need more, I want people to know how much it hurts us as a family,” said this mother, who in Australian media had also previously outlined that her son had already had other cases of attempted suicide, but that she always managed to contain it.

Regarding bullying at school, he didn't go much deeper, but he implied that he was called "dwarf."

The case of Quaden, a story that comes from Australia and is released today by Daily Mail , seems to have happened far away, however it is closer than I think.

The fact is that bullying is an issue of great impact today - that exceeds borders and continents - and represents a clear challenge for both parents and educators to prevent it.

Immediately, how could it be otherwise, this mother began to receive innumerable messages of support. Both from local sports stars and from parents and children holding Quaden's hand and offering him friendship.

An example has been the testimony of a father influenced by the video, a man who quickly wanted to get in touch with Quaden and his family.

“I have seen and I have thought: How can I help? (...) It breaks my heart to see him so upset, ” said this man, who also told Daily Mail that his two children could perfectly be friends with Quaden.

The question launched by this father is valid for everyone. How can we help Quaden? In principle, perhaps beginning to delve deeper into a phenomenon that can be devastating for children, or more simply, for your own child.