These Children Hang Coats To Help The Homeless In Winter

Supported by the Food Bank, the Nutri Nova Scotia campaign to help the poor. And every day they together hundreds of volunteers across Canada. They have already distributed more than 2,000 tons of food . But their activities does not stop there, and develop mainly in winter to allow homeless people to fight the cold .

To act so, and also to educate younger generations, the association has decided to launch an unusual and very intelligent activity. In the city of Halifax , Nova Scotia (Canada) , a dozen children , accompanied by adults from the association, traveled around the city to hang their coats to the poles on the street . These coats were donated by the population and all include a small label that says:

"I'm not lost. If you're stuck out. Take me and warm up!"

A creative idea that allowed the association to be visible to the media via social networks . The association's simple Facebook page post generated more than 10,000 likes and 8,000 shares , another way to motivate other Canadians to join the Feed Nova Scotia association and encourage other charities around the world to do the same.